[Vwdiesel] mileage

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sat Nov 28 21:49:06 PST 2009

Brian Sez:Read about ABS brakes. 


My grain trailer has them. Brilliant.  No more flat spotting trailer tires
when empty, and they STOP the thing way better when unloaded than the last
trailer that was non-abs. On the last trailer, Dad had to do a panic stop
when an elderly couple pulled out onto the highway in front of him- broke
two of the trailer tires loose from the bead and spun them around, ripping
off the valve stem... and that was on the older non-abs trailer. 

One thing you drafting guys want to keep in mind about following a truck.
When shit happens, like the oncoming truck of similar mass and intertia that
has the driver fall asleep and veers into oncoming traffic, running head on
into the truck you are following. You are completely screwed at that point.
Not only that, but I've seen whole axles fall out and blow out the back on
early seacan haulers, tire recaps let go, spare trailer tire holders fail
fall down and spit out the back like an angry black doughnut after bouncing
the fully loaded trailer into the air and.  You can't pay me enough to drive
close behind a semi, screw the few dollars it saves, live long and prosper.

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