[Vwdiesel] What exactly holds the A2 front wheel hub in place? Just the b...

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Tue Sep 1 08:39:29 PDT 2009

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> So, the only thing I see holding the front wheel to the car is these 3 
> small bolts that hold the lower ball joint in place.  They torque to only 18 
> ft-lbs to the triangular plate that sits on top of the control arm.
> That just does not seem like enough for the forces that are put on the 
> front wheels????????????? 

  Well, that IS a clamp of sorts.  The ball joint piece is sandwiched 
between the two stamped halves of the lower control arm so friction 
gets kinda "multiplied" there.  
  If you don't like 3 bolts holding stuff, there's only three that hold 
the control arm on, there's only ONE that holds the steering 
knuckle to the ball joint.  :-)
  The strut's fastened pretty firmly to the steering knuckle as I recall.
Your pivots are the inner control arm bushings, ball joint and the 
top of the strut. 
  Don't forget the tie rod end is there too!  :-D

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