[Vwdiesel] snap ring on drive shaft

Doug & Pam db53248 at windstream.net
Tue Sep 1 15:06:47 PDT 2009

I've had trouble with the snap ring on the inner CV joint coming off after
the wheel end has been extended. Last weekend, I removed the rider's side
strut to address the strut tube nut issue and had the wheel hub twisted out
to remove the strut and get it back in. Yesterday while turning hard to
maneuver around the pumps at a truck stop, the Caddy stopped moving. I don't
have it apart, yet but I suspect the snap ring on the inner CV joint has
come off again. This will be about the third time and it always occurs after
extending the outer end of the axle beyond normal.

Does the snap ring groove get rounded off so the snap ring is more easily
"unseated" by an axle movement toward the wheel?

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