[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions?

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> Is  the oil pressure warning lite &buzzer doing its job or should it be 
> replaced? There was also some mention of a higher pressure oil pump. Can it 
> be replaced with the engine in the car?

  You MIGHT be able to put a new oil pressure sender in and get 
lucky that it has a lower pressure "click" point and "solve" the 
buzzer issue (not the problem, low oil pressure).  However the 
pressure is sufficient you shouldn't damage anything if that works. 
It depends on WHEN the buzzer goes off.  At idle or at about 2K rpm?
The idle sender is in the head, the higher rpm one is on the filter 
housing.  One is NO (ormally open) the other is NC (normally
closed) contacts.  Don't recall which is which.
  It's not impossible for someone to have put a wrong one in but 
20# sounds about right for threshold pressure to set off the buzzer.

  You CAN put the HV oil pump (36mm gears) in the car but a 
Quantum makes it a little harder than a Rabbit or Jetta.  You 
have to drop the pan which means you have to pull the 4 bolts 
and drop the front end.  Really not that big a deal, you just have 
to support the car by the body rather than the front suspension.
  The pump would be for (I think) a hycraulic head, TD engine, so 
that'd be like a '92.  Then you'll have to swap your pickup onto 
the bottom of the pump and get longer bolts to bolt it to the 
block.  I've always had to resort to an Audi part number to get 
almost the right pump, then swap the drive shaft.  Gassers have 
shorter pump drive shafts.  This was before the 36mm pump came 
out stock on any of the diesels though.

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