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> Loren, please post this...
> Bill,
> Old specs ['85 or before] for diesel and gassers were 0.3bar, and 1.8bar 
> sensors in head and filter.
> VAG tester inserted into head, should give sensor opening [having screwed 
> it into VAG test socket!] at between 0.15bar and 0.45bar to pass. The 
> pressure gauge reading will be sufficient to operate the above reading @ 
> idle, and greater than [described as minimum of] 2bar @ 2000rpm.
> VAG workshop bulletin in August 1986:
> "The addition of optical/acoustic faciulity requires replacement of 
> 1.8bar sensor with a 1.4bar one with black insulation[lowered] brown 
> insulated sensor is  the 0.3bar"
> 0.15bar is 2.2psi
> 0.3bar is  4.4psi [min spec @idle
> 0.45bar is 5.6psi
> 1.8bar is 26.5psi [old rating @head @2000rpm
> new spec of 1.4bar is 20.6psi @2000rpm
> Thus Bill, your car is well within spec and plenty of wear available ;o)
> Mark
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>>> Is  the oil pressure warning lite &buzzer doing its job or should it be
>>> replaced? There was also some mention of a higher pressure oil pump. Can 
>>> it
>>> be replaced with the engine in the car?
>>  You MIGHT be able to put a new oil pressure sender in and get
>> lucky that it has a lower pressure "click" point and "solve" the
>> buzzer issue (not the problem, low oil pressure).  However the
>> pressure is sufficient you shouldn't damage anything if that works.
>> It depends on WHEN the buzzer goes off.  At idle or at about 2K rpm?
>> The idle sender is in the head, the higher rpm one is on the filter
>> housing.  One is NO (ormally open) the other is NC (normally
>> closed) contacts.  Don't recall which is which.
>>  It's not impossible for someone to have put a wrong one in but
>> 20# sounds about right for threshold pressure to set off the buzzer.
>>  You CAN put the HV oil pump (36mm gears) in the car but a
>> Quantum makes it a little harder than a Rabbit or Jetta.  You
>> have to drop the pan which means you have to pull the 4 bolts
>> and drop the front end.  Really not that big a deal, you just have
>> to support the car by the body rather than the front suspension.
>>  The pump would be for (I think) a hycraulic head, TD engine, so
>> that'd be like a '92.  Then you'll have to swap your pickup onto
>> the bottom of the pump and get longer bolts to bolt it to the
>> block.  I've always had to resort to an Audi part number to get
>> almost the right pump, then swap the drive shaft.  Gassers have
>> shorter pump drive shafts.  This was before the 36mm pump came
>> out stock on any of the diesels though.
>>    Loren
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