[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions?

travis gottschalk tgott at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 3 07:39:20 PDT 2009

I had this issue with both engines in my rabbit car but not the truck. But the truck has cheaper gauges so they might be reading higher. I did put the larger oil pump and rebuilt the first engine on the car and it still gave me lower oil pressure once warm and that was with first Carquest gauges and then Autometer gauges. Nothing has blown up and I figure pulling the pressure from the head it may have a little less pressure there do to loss of pressure leading up to that point (crank, inter shaft) and the cam is the only thing getting feed from the head port. I would either figure out the warning light with checking the sensor and wiring or just unhooking it and keeping an eye on the gauges. Since my rabbit engines had the sender on the head and no port on the filter housing I just romoved mine instead of puting a T in. If you are looking for the bigger oil pump and need the bolts and everything Parts Place does carry everything you need. I got mine in a kit I think and just bolted it right in. 

Travis G

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