[Vwdiesel] Home made penitrating oil

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sat Sep 5 15:13:17 PDT 2009

Kurt Nolte wrote:
> I'll try both of those when we start stripping the Dasher. Thirty year 
> old bolts are not going to be kind to our hands...
> Do you heat the part up and dribble wax upon it?
> -Kurt

I find that paraffin wax works pretty good.  My technique is to heat up the stuck fastener 
then hold the end of a candle onto the hot metal.  The heat melts the wax and wicks it up 
inside the threads.  If it does not come off hot, let the part cool and try it then.  You 
want the part pretty hot, about to the smoke point of the wax.  Works best when you can 
apply the wax directly to the threads.



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