[Vwdiesel] Power steering "fluid"

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Sun Sep 6 19:35:53 PDT 2009

Perhaps the forum would have information on PS fluids in general, and VW A2
PS oil in particular?

In my ignorance, I see the system as an ordinary oil hydraulic system of
energy transferrance like a supermarket door acuator, farm machinery,
garbage packer, etc.

What's so special about the old VW PS system that it would require
Proprietary "fluid" ? A normally "open circuit" (continuous flow) hydraulic
system would require oil that had better  lubricating qualities to care for
the pump and ram, whereas in a closed, push-pull circuit (google
Peterborough lift lock) could use water or  liquified pig manure as long as
it could flow at low speeds

There are generic PS fluids (oils) available at FLAPS (like cTc) that
purport to be useable in "most" PS systems.

I understand why ATF should NOT be used in this application, but I would
think that generic PS fluid or hydraulic oil should be OK as long as its
viscosity is not too high..


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