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Tue Sep 8 14:19:30 PDT 2009

What does someone look for to know if it has Hyd Lifters in the head. The Golfs my brother picked up he said don't have them as that is what the PO said. Is it an extra oil port or something and do you have to take the head apart to see it or does the out side of the head look different. Also is there anything special to reshim the shimmed lifter style head. I have the tools and extra shims. My brother heard the old 12mm head bolt heads need to be rebuilt about every 150K miles and he is close since that was done. Current issues are the some coolant missing but can't find external coolant leak and it doesn't start up with white smoke. 


Also he said the reservor doesn't pressurize more then before this issue. It is burning/leaking some oil (tranny output flanges and engine oi) so it is hard to tell where the engine oil is leaking from the output flanges flinging oil everywhere. That could explain if coolant is getting to the oil. He didn't do oil anaylisis yet nor did he have anyone do a coolant check for exhaust. We just put a head gasket on it in November as the old was starting to weep (2 years old before). Did the head gasket just fail or would the head be cracked. I have had great luck with my head gaskets installing and the first time I help with his it doesn't work. I ask this as it is his daily driver till he gets a new/er Golf or Jetta wagon in a couple months. I can't help him much being two states away and not tearing it apart.




Travis G

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