[Vwdiesel] leaking injection pump

Erik Lane eriklane at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 17:24:28 PDT 2009

Your mechanic is likely right, that sitting that long the seals will
need replacing. But you could probably reseal your pump yourself and
be ready to run again. There are just a few spots where it can leak -
basically all the joints. There's a seal at the front of the pump
around the driveshaft for it. There's a large o-ring at the back
between the aluminum and cast iron sections. There's a seal between
the top piece and the main body. There's an o-ring around the throttle
shaft, and finally there are two o-rings around the back side of the
pump where it's very hard to see that are around the cold start
advance lever.

Any one of those could be your culprit, but if you can't really see
where it's coming from then most likely is one/both of the o-rings on
the cold start lever. They go bad more often than the others, in my
experience. The only other one I've personally had go bad is the large
o-ring at the back of the pump.

If you're comfortable taking off a pump and putting it back on and
timing it then replacing seals is only a little bit more work. If it
otherwise runs well then the pump doesn't need anything else. Many
rebuilds just end up being seal replacements and adjusting the
settings. (Well, cleaning any gunk out as well, and probably the front
bushing.) I'm not trying to disparage rebuilders - the pumps work
wonderfully well and for a very long time if they're not abused. They
simply don't need a lot if they just start leaking.


On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 5:14 PM, Dave <vwzoo at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have been writing you off and on about getting my diesel running for my 16 year old. It has been on the road for about 3 weeks and it runs great, the only problem has been sometimes the idle would race when you came up to a stop. I had noticed occasionally a little puddle of fuel under the car and couldn't see where it was coming from, but I have to admit I wasn't getting the mileage that I should be getting. My son parked the car at a public parking or commuter lot and left it over night. I came to pick him up tonight and there was a large puddle under the car. I had him start it up and watched with a flash light and I could see fuel dripping from under the pump. The car starts good, runs great, but it's dripping fuel. I  am certain it's not the injectors or the fuel lines. So I am looking at replacing the pump. I have two old one's I have lying in my garage that I have had for about 10 years that come from running cars. My mechanic told me that they
>  would be just a waste of time using them because the seals would be shot them setting that long. What do you guys think? If I end up replacing the pump could you guys recomend a good shop I could order one from. I saw on the internet a place vwdiesel.com. They offer a pump $370 with $150 of that being core, but I know cheap is not always better.
> Thanks
> Dave
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