[Vwdiesel] Preserving A/C Compressor

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The biggest thing is to seal it up. As in, immediately upon removal of the lines, put tape or something over both the compressor holes and the AC lines on the car. That should take care of it. If it's going to be off for a while, I'd probably make a flat plate that screws into the compressor and seals with the o-rings. That's how they are shipped when new/rebuilt as well.


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>Today I started taking some of the wrecked parts off of the '96 TDI Passat that is donating its engine to my '78 bus.
>Which made me think about the a/c compressor, since I was looking at it.  It was new last Feb, so I don't want to mess it up, but the deconstruction process of the Passat will dictate soon enough that the system is opened, whether or not it was broken in the wreck (not sure of that yet).  I would like to reinstall the A/C in the bus, it had a system that I removed because it didn't work, but now that I'll have a compressor to use on an engine that can stand the power drag, I'd like to be able to reinstall it.  
>What precautions should I take to keep from wrecking the compressor in the time that the system is all disconnected?  I don't think I'll need any other parts of that system, but it is a possibility.
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