[Vwdiesel] Still having starting issues with the 82 vanagon diesel

Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 16 09:27:29 PDT 2009

And again, I am with you there.  I already cut that last 6 inches off the Red/Black #10 wire at the end where it connects to the solenoid.  I spliced in a new piece of the same guage wire from a spare vanagon wiring harness I have.

I could try running an entirely new wire along the floor to see if it likes this better.
I have owned this van for many many years and the relay is fine if needed.
I have been working on a 72 super beetle, fixing it up for a lady, you should see this thing, it is mint, as in history lesson.
not in wonderful shape, but no crashes, no dents, NO RUST, or only about 2% rust.
Anyway, just pulled some monster wires out of it for a stereo system her son had in it and I will try running one of these cables from the key back to the solenoid to see what results I get that way.

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> Yeap, I forgot to mention that a wire from the solinoid extra tab, or the 
> remote start trick from the back of the van, ALWAYS start the van on 1/2 a 
> rotation.  So, I am pretty sure my battery has enough emmph and the 
> starter is good.

  That almost indicates it's your "start" wire more than the cables 
themselves, or your solenoid itself.  That's pretty standard on a 
Chevy with a bad/going bad solenoid.  I'd check the end of that 
starter engage wire.
  Bigger cables are always much better.  Made up ones seem to 
hold up better since the ends are sealed (over the tighten-the-bolt 
replacemet ends).  If you had lots of green in there and put some 
solder in, it didn't necessarily help.  If you get new ones, get 6V 
application cables.  Much bigger and already made up. :-)
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