[Vwdiesel] pump still leaks

Dave vwzoo at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 16 09:31:53 PDT 2009


 I tried adding ATF like one of you guys suggested and I have to admit the injection pump is leaking less, but it's still leaking. It looks to me as though it's leaking from the cold start valve. I have been doing a lot of looking around on the internet and found different pictures/guides of how to just change out the seals on the pump. I know I have asked this before, but one of the three old pumps I have in my garage I have been looking them over to follow along with the pictures and step by step guide on changing the seals I found. My question is one of the old pumps I realize could be used, but they tend to gather rust inside after sitting for so long. Is there away to remove the rust and use one of these old pumps. I was thinking about trying to change the seals on one of the old one's as the one in the car is running great, except that sometimes it doesn't idle down after driving like it should, and of course the now small leak from the pump. I
 guess I am trying to do this on the cheap, but I am exploring different idea's, before I get into the work, or spend a lot more cash.




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