[Vwdiesel] batteries

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Wed Sep 16 16:55:47 PDT 2009

mikitka wrote:
> I can say one thing. If you get the Optima red top or yellow top and the
> vehicle sits the battery will got dead in two months.  I have the red top in
> my 02 silverado and the yellow top in my 65 impala, both sit in the garage
> since I run my 91 jetta mostly. At one point both were down to the point
> that they would not turn the vehicles over just click. This is after they
> have sat for two to three months. I do not remember having that issue with a
> regular style battery.  Now I can say that the Yellow top really has some
> CCA's. I replace the good interstate battery in the impala with the yellow
> top and it made a big difference in starting and turning the motor over. I
> do not recall the CCA that the Interstate battery had and not sure of the
> Yellow top at the moment.
> I would imagine if you use the vehicle daily it shouldn't be an issue.
> Something about the spiral cells do not like to be discharged down low and
> then recharged but if you keep them topped they are good and last.
> Nick

Yes, the Red Top is a starting battery not a deep cycle battery.  Let it go dead one time 
and it may not come back to life.  The yellow or blue top Optimas are deep cycle (blue is 
the marine version, starting + deep cycle).  I run an Odyssey battery in my '82:

A little on the small side (CCA-wise) but those batteries are bullet proof, have had some 
in my 4x4 for almost 12 years and have drained them dead countless times and they keep 
coming back for more.  And those batteries (12 years old) are still working hooked to a 
solar panel running a heating/cooling fan at my house:



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