[Vwdiesel] Still having starting issues with the 82 vanagon diesel

Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 17 07:17:47 PDT 2009

Hey guys, thanks as always for the Great technical help.  I will catch this little gremlin soon enough.

For Now, he is gone.  A good 130 mile round trip ride to work and back has topped off the battery I guess and all starting issues are gone. !!!!
Both hot and cold using my old ignition module in the column.

I notices my voltage guage indicating it was charging at 14 volts, hummm, that tells me the battery is low and needs it.
By the time I got home from work last night the charged voltage had returned to just over 13 volts and the problems are gone.

My foot is tasting really bad from insisting my battery was good, it must have been a bit low on power.
I will still test for voltage drop on the ignition switch to solenoid #10 guage wire and remove the suspect crimp on the starter end of my battery cable, clean or cut, and have new end crimped on.
When I have time I will put the in-line starting relay back in to banish that little guy from my van once and for all.

Wow, I am surely not alone in the VW World of starting issues.

 Bryan Belman, Pt. Pleasant, NJ
04 Jetta Wagon TDI PD, 100hp, 5sp -- running :)
92 Jetta 1.6 Eco-Turbo Diesel -- running :)
82 Diesel Westy 1.9NA -- running :}
70 Type 1 stock Beetle -- Not running :( 

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> I do not understand why heat is effecting things, but is surely is.

  Heat affects how much current the starter needs, sometimes.  It 
can also affect the resistance in a corroded connection.  
  Indeed, check that the shutoff solenoid isn't falling shut while 
cranking (it really shouldn't since it takes little to keep it open) and 
check V drop through the wires to the start post of the solenoid.  
Realize you have two, long wires in that setup.  From Bat. to the 
switch then switch to solenoid.  Check your V drop by connecting 
your meter to the battery and the starter end of the start wire.
  Be sure the power TO the switched side of your start relay is 
substantial enough for no V drop and that SHOULD Fix the problem. 
Heck, put the relay near the starter and pull switched power for it 
from the starter end of the battery + wire!  Use a 14ga or larger wire 
and you should be fine.  Then any drop from your start wire won't 
happen due to the low draw of the relay.
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