[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions?

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Hi Bill;
    Before you try to improve fuel economy with just fiddling with the pump
settings I would recommend you get out your Bentley and set the pump timing
to what the Bentley calls for on your 1.6 turbo diesel. Then set your idle
at exactly what the Bentley tells you to (I have found this is probably the
most important setting) When you have done this drive your Quantum to
Sacramento and fill up with fuel. Drive up I-5 to Willows or Orland and back
to Sacramento at about 65 mph and fill with fuel. You then will have a base
mileage to work with. I would expect that the Quantum might hit 45 mpg. If
it does you probably can't get an appreciable amount more. If it doesn't
then you then you might want to fiddle with your settings.
Brian Decker
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> Second, refresh my mind. Does rotating the IP towards the engine advance
or retard the timing? As I recall, someone said retarding the timing would
improve fuel economy which is opposite the effect on a spark ignition
> Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA


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