[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions?

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Mornin' Bill...

Here's a few pointers:
1) ATF is a good idea.

2)Do as Brian says, and  use up 3 or 4 gallons of fuel. Then refill to first 
auto cut-off at the gas station.
Work out the mpg [miles/gallons] Either get a little notepad to write it 
down, or write the figures on the fuel receipt and store it in the glove 

***You must have at least one set of results to base any improvement on***!!

3) Advancing pump its pushing the top of pump towards engine.

4) An advanced pump 'tends' towards better fuel economy. This also 'tends' 
to make the engine run louder.
    ...Remember, this only applies if the engine isn't beyond it's optimum 
advancement in the first place...

5) I don't much like the inline electric fuel pump. I'm sure it's not 
neccessary, and just more to go wrong. A hand squeezy priming pump from 
Citroen, placed between fuel tank line and fuel filter would be a benefit 

6)Relax and have a cuppa tea and remember these cars are inherently 
reliable. Especially in the absence of all that CIS stuff  that your gasser 
versions had to contend with compared with  our earlier Webber carb set-ups.

Go on a trip stop at a few view points and take a few pictures with the car 

Economy official figures are: Urban; 75mph; 56mph respectively [divide by 
1.2 for Yankee baby gallons]
                               :Saloon:  42.2;    42.2;     62.7
             hatchback/fastback:  42.2;    44.1;     62.7
         variant/estate/waggon:  42.1;    38.1;     62.7
My current silver waggon beats all figures except the 56mph one, but I do 
get 45 to 48 urban.
My white waggon which still startsafter being stood for 3 years or so used 
to get the 60+ results... Timed to 1mm/39thou.

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> Thank you to whoever suggested I soak the IP in automatic transmission 
> fluid, I presume to swell the seals & stop the leaking at the cold start 
> lever. I'm glad I got the suggestion before removing the IP, which I was 
> preparing to do. I still have an electric fuel pump in line between the 
> fuel filter & the IP. So, today (Sat.) I stuck the fuel line where it 
> attaches to the fuel filter outlet into the fresh ATF fluid, ran the pump 
> until I could see the red color of the ATF fluid in the IP return line. 
> Then I turned the engine over for several seconds, hopefully to get the 
> ATF fluid into all parts of the IP. Wondering how long I should let it set 
> before the ATF fluid has minimum effect? It will have to set until at 
> least Monday.
> Second, refresh my mind. Does rotating the IP towards the engine advance 
> or retard the timing? As I recall, someone said retarding the timing would 
> improve fuel economy which is opposite the effect on a spark ignition 
> engine.
> Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA
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