[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions?

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Retarding the timing would tend to encourage incomplete combustion, which
should reduce economy.

In the TDI world, setting the static timing to the 'advanced side of the
range' would maximize the opportunity for optimum combustion by allowing the
ECU to 'get' the most possible advance that it might call for.  I suspect
this is probably not true for mechanical pumps.

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> > As I recall, someone said retarding the timing would improve fuel economy
> > which is opposite the effect on a spark ignition engine.
> >
>  Setting it properly will generally result in the best fuel economy.
> There are no magic tricks.
>  You want great fuel economy?  Keep it below 40mph, coast a
> lot, accelerate slowly, tune it properly and have good injectors.
> I do the last two!  :-D
>     Loren
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