[Vwdiesel] capacity? (decker at toledotel.com)

j e newdarkages at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 25 14:28:18 PDT 2009

dont remeber the capacity, but the procedure. when VW went from 4 - 5 speed
they were reluctant in relocating the fill hole (i.e. didnt cast new 5-speed specific
tranny housings) but the 5th gear assmbly that was added required extra lube.
therefore fill till oil runs out just like on the 4 speeds. then remove the 
speedometer cable from the tranny and complete filling to proper capacity.

get some good stuff, full sythetic i like the purple ;~> 
these cars are worth the extra $$. get the heavier viscosity ending in -140
still thinner than conventional hypoid lube but it stays the same when running at 300f
with much better protection!
where are you?

decker at toledotel.com wrote:
> Hi folks;
>     It has been so long since I drained and refilled a tranny that I have
> forgotten how much they take and what is best to use in my FN 5 speed that
> I'm putting in my 1981 Rabbit Pickup tied to a rebuilt 1.5 diesel.
> Brian Decker


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