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Fri Sep 25 15:25:22 PDT 2009

    I live about half way between Portland OR and Seattle WA. I will be
leaving soon an a trip with the 1981Rabbit Pickup with it's rebuilt 1.5
diesel with stops in Kentucky, Ohio, New Jersey, Maine, Indiana and
Minnesota.  A little 7000+ mile jaunt to celebrate the diesel Rabbit pickups
resurrection. I will have a pretty good handle on the overall mileage the
little beast is capable of. It has been down for about 3 years. Someone
wanted to give me more for the 1.6 diesel engine than I thought it was worth
so I pulled it and sold it.  I have been driving my diesel Dasher station
wagon and my fairly hot gas Rabbit pickup. It's time to retire the gas
Rabbit pickup for a while.
Brian Decker
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> where are you?

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