[Vwdiesel] replacing seals in the diesel injection pump

Dave vwzoo at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 30 04:52:53 PDT 2009


  Last Friday I went to a local diesel repair shop and I bought the Bosch diesel injection pump seal replacement kit. Using the diagrams and directions I found on the internet I replaced all of the seals/O-rings except for one under the three sided bolt on the side. I didn't have the tool and I thought if it leaked down the road it would be easy to get the tool and do it then. I called the shop and asked if there was any torque specs for the pump as I tighten all of the parts back down. I was told 34 ft/lbs on the fuel supply lines and return lines and 54 ft/lbs on the big bolt thing that the bolt that you remove to put the gauge in to time the pump screws in. He also told me that I need to replace that part. I don't know the correct name, but it's on the end of the high presure pump and like I said the bolt hole that you screw the dial indicator in to time the pump is located in this. My question is, since I have already replaced the O-ring on that if I
 go out and get this new part, which he says he has in stock for 7 dollars, do I need another O-ring. I didn't torque this up I just screwed it in. I would suppose it would be fairly easy to replace down the road if it leaked. I would just have to remove the 4 fuel lines to get to it.  I didn't find any rust inside the pump by the way, but then again I did't totally disassemble it. 




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