[Vwdiesel] Bosch but not diesel :o)

mark shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Jun 1 05:50:48 PDT 2010

Thanks James and Loren for your useful pointers.
Upon closer inspection, the bonding appears to have been a black silicone, and not some kind of fire cement. It's easy to forget that silicone is high temp. I found that I had to file the cooling fins on the rotor, to pass the restuck magnets  because the pressed on gear wouldn't come off. It now works perfectly. Of the 2 battery packs, one turned out to be good, and the other has been improving from 0V unrechargable, to 21V.
Not bad for a freebie off 'Freecycle'

Anyone ever made a spotwelder for battery packs out of a microwave transformer?

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    What kind of glue could I use to stick them back on?

    Body shops use a glue for stuff like the roof ribs that bend when 
  the ' 81 to '84 Rabbit headliners sag.  They also glue body panels 
  now, sometimes, instead of welding.  I'll bet THAT stuff would do it!
  Otherwise I'd lean toward JB Weld.

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