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Dynamat has a couple varieties and if debt-money's no problem for you, its
easily sourced and holds up well.  There's a couple generics you could find
from mcmaster-carr or the like. something like raamat or rammat.. there are
sprays that work well, too but the prep might turn you away. Check out ebay
to get a handle on sound deadening materials, then try to find it local.



On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 2:20 PM, Roger Brown <r.c.brown at ieee.org> wrote:

> peter blake wrote:
> >   Hi all,
> > I happen to have the door card off my caddy and as noise is one of  the
> > major drawbacks of these vehicles for me I thot maybe I could put in some
> > sort of sound insulation on the back of the door skin. I've heard of
> dynamat
> > has anyone used this stuff?  Or any other stuff that might help?  Let me
> > know what u'v done and what works. Thanks.
> > Peter
> On my old '81, I used some sound insulating mat (foam w/ heavy rubber
> center layer) from
> the auto parts store on the door sheet metal.  It seemed to work OK.  Have
> heard good
> things about Dynamat, no personal experience, but it is more expensive.
> --
>   Roger
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