[Vwdiesel] Blown motor&turbo shortened long story (1.6TD block wanted)

brian hoeft qweblog at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 12:05:56 PDT 2010

Soo, my best friends brother had a transmission failure,, while I had id
rebuilt, I let him borrow my veggie car ('85 Jetta with P/S and working
A/C!) thinking it would be a week to ten days max.. It turned into over a
month due to sourcing parts for more extensive damage than anticipated, and
other tasks as well..

Besides him snapping a V-belt -questionable already- he said he hasnt driven
such a care free volkswagen..  Well, I do pride myself on the work i just
finished the week before I loaned it to him; including, but not limited to,
hydraulik lifter head mated to the solid lifter block, mk4 MLS head gasket,
ARP studs, new_to_me_turbo, air filter, glow plugs, Giles' special
injectors&pump, etc.

One caveat i mentioned to him: the turbo was interim till i got another
rebuilt, and the block still had 300k plus on it so oil consumption was
somewhere about 1/2 quart for about 500 miles..

Gave it to him with the appropriate mid-hash mark oil level and one week
later while replacing the mentioned V belt, found the level just above the
bottom of the hash marks, no worries I thought, good example of how he
should be looking after it.

Well, that was probably the last time it was checked.. got the car back 3
plus weeks later and at first thought I developed an exhaust leak. forgot to
mention the TT downpipe(to straight 2.5" pipe) I bought/installed and ported
the Int.&Exh. runners a bit.. new EM studs/nuts as well.

As i started to look at the Exh. hardware, everythink looked tight, then I
had that OH SH!T moment, pulled the dipstick out, wiped, cycled, and found a
dry dipstick.. added 2 quarts, barely got wet, nearly emptied the Rotella
jug to the tune of about 3&1/2 angry quarts to get mid hash mark..
...Remembering him saying how it didnt leak a drop.. true, but thats because
whats consumed leaves the tailpipe not the engine bay!

Then burned about a quart every subsequent drive and decided to use a AAA
tow to save the motor at least, as the turbo was clearly(um, smoke'ly) shot.
Off the rollback into my garage for the night.. Next morning figured I'd
start it just to park next to my driveway and make space for customer cars
in my garage. Cranked over twice then locked up.  overly optimistic the
starter stuck open, cranked it by hand to find a few degrees of counter
clockwise rotation and clockwise lockup...

So right now I plan on going back to the solid lifter head I still have that
needs more machine work than the hydraulik head cost me, but the power was
way better with the SL head and the added noise is worth it.

I can rebuild my block but would experience less downtime in my garage if I
could get going on rebuilding a short block if I could find one within a
couple hours drive of the Poconos.  if anybody has a lead on one, please let
me know.

theres more I could elaborate on but im pissed just typing and remembering
so i'll leave it at that for now.



[blinders off&earplugs out]

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