[Vwdiesel] 2000 TDI a/c question

Val Christian val at mongo.mongobird.com
Thu Jun 3 20:38:25 PDT 2010

Have a 2003.  Use 210# on high side, filling slowly near the end.
Use recirc air, so the air inside is dry.  Higher heat transfer.
80F to 85F ambient temps when charging.

Low side should not exceed 40# under those conditions, and if it does,
it could mean other issues.  

155# high will be very very marginal.  The system leaks down.  I've used 
all kinds of leak detectors, and find I have to add 134a every year or two.
The claims on the leak detectors are absurdly low figures like 1oz/year.  
Doesn't matter, things leak down.  The molecular size of 134a is smaller 
than R-12.  At least we don't use hydrogen.

> It's well into a/c season here in Texas and I've noticed the unit in the 
> TDI is getting a little weak.  That is, however, one area of 
> mechanicking that I've not delved into much.
> As best I can tell, the manual specs are for 203 psi on the high side 
> and 17 psi on the low whilst running at high cool.  I borrowed some of 
> Dad's time and gauges and we found 155 on the high side and 40 on the 
> low side.  Sadly, there's no sight glass.  We looked hard and with all 
> the time I've spent in the engine bay of this car, I would have found 
> it.  Believe me.  The a/c's still dropping out on me after a while.  
> Good to start and after 40 minutes or so, not as cool anymore.  I'd 
> assumed it was the evaporator freezing up because of low coolant, but 
> adding coolant barely changed the readings and the sweating in the seat 
> feeling.
> Any thoughts?  I'm ignorant enough about a/c that I don't even know what 
> questions to ask.
> Thanks much,
> -Shalyn
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