[Vwdiesel] 2000 TDI a/c question - and a brief description of the A/C system

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Sun Jun 6 22:28:41 PDT 2010

That's why VW Diesel owners are smarter:  not only can they fix the 
system, they can give great, well-written descriptions of the system.  
As far as being better looking as well, that's just a point of fact.

I appreciate the explanations from all.  Combined with my rough 
knowledge of the system and some half-remembered chemistry class 
knowledge (I ran a supercritical fluid extractor in grad. school--forgot 
about that), I think I have it.  Took me a few days to assimilate it 
all, though.

I always do worry about the big, catastrophically expensive parts like 
compressors in a car with 267,000 miles, but I'll hope for the best.  
Hope is cheaper.

What seems to happen is that the airflow through the vents is reduced.  
I normally run the system on fan speeds 1-2.  When the problem really 
hit, I'd been driving almost an hour on recirculate and when I cranked 
the fan to speed 4, all I got was a lot of noise and very little (but 
cold) airflow.  Turning off the recirculate helped.  That was before the 
added can of 134a, and I've not had to drive a lot since.  Tomorrow, 
however, I'll have to make the same trip in even hotter weather.  I'll 
let y'all know.  I'll also put on an extra layer of anti-perspirant, 
just in case.


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