[Vwdiesel] 2000 TDI a/c question - and a brief description of

Val Christian val at mongo.mongobird.com
Mon Jun 7 06:33:43 PDT 2010

Don't measure AC performance by how far people move away from you when you arrive.

Put a thermometer in the air stream, on MAX AC, recirculating air.  After things stabilize, the air coming out should be below 40F.  On my 2003, it is usually 34F or 33F.  

If it's 50F or 55F, and the outside air is less than 90F, you definitely have a performance problem.

If it's running 35F and you're just getting very little air, then you may have a diverter not positioning itself, or a vacuum motor type problem.


> That's why VW Diesel owners are smarter:  not only can they fix the 
> system, they can give great, well-written descriptions of the system.  
> As far as being better looking as well, that's just a point of fact.
> I appreciate the explanations from all.  Combined with my rough 
> knowledge of the system and some half-remembered chemistry class 
> knowledge (I ran a supercritical fluid extractor in grad. school--forgot 
> about that), I think I have it.  Took me a few days to assimilate it 
> all, though.
> I always do worry about the big, catastrophically expensive parts like 
> compressors in a car with 267,000 miles, but I'll hope for the best.  
> Hope is cheaper.
> What seems to happen is that the airflow through the vents is reduced.  
> I normally run the system on fan speeds 1-2.  When the problem really 
> hit, I'd been driving almost an hour on recirculate and when I cranked 
> the fan to speed 4, all I got was a lot of noise and very little (but 
> cold) airflow.  Turning off the recirculate helped.  That was before the 
> added can of 134a, and I've not had to drive a lot since.  Tomorrow, 
> however, I'll have to make the same trip in even hotter weather.  I'll 
> let y'all know.  I'll also put on an extra layer of anti-perspirant, 
> just in case.
> -Shalyn
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