[Vwdiesel] 2000 TDI a/c question - and a brief description of

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> OK, got the brass manifold gauge set for less then $50 off Amazon.
> I see the vacuum pumps to evacuate the system.  when do you need to do 
> this?  How would you know you need to empty the system?
> Would you only do this prior to taking the system apart, of course or when 
> replacing seals?
> just wondering?

  You can use a pump to pump the system out and into a container 
for recycle or reuse.  Otherwise you pump it down to max vacuum 
and let it sit and check the gauges.  This does two things.  Lets you 
watch for leaks, thus the reason for good gauges, hoses, seals and 
appropriate fittings, and so on.  It also sucks out non-compressible 
gasses and boils out and removes any moisture.  This is generally 
for when the system's been open for any time or there's a moisture 
problem in it.  The idea being that nothing else but refrigerent will 
then be in the system when you fill it.

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