[Vwdiesel] broke later style vacuum pump?

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Fri Jun 11 22:01:11 PDT 2010

Wow, drove the '82 Diesel Westy 400 miles to Fairbanks, as its first
long-haul voyage, and had quite an adventure.  Lost a wheel in Denali,
found it but only had 2 nuts for that wheel (bolts in front, lugs in the
rear) finally found one on the side of the road.  Continued with at
least 3 lug nuts per wheel.

Got home, drove around the block and lost the inner CV joint bolts (same
rear-left loss as the wheel, go figure).  Cut the bent ones off with a
dremel, hooked it back up and we're going again.

STOPPING, however has no boost.  Classic foot hitting a brick symptom.

Unfortunately(?) I've got the later style pump.  I pulled the nipple
(loose fitting anyway) and can see the vanes turning, but no suction
when I put my finger over the hole.  I put a little oil in there, but no
go.  Rebuildable?  I've got some old-style pumps I could stick a new
diaphragm in, but would like to get this one going.


Will in Alaska.

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