[Vwdiesel] 1989 Diesel Jetta door alarm mystery

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Sat Jun 12 13:30:00 PDT 2010


Well, I went out and plugged in the beeper, and guess what! found out why I
had pulled it 3 years ago when I bought the car. It beeps any time the
driver door is  open, running or not.

Lights on or off, seatbelt clipped or not, dome light does not matter, etc.

So mine is behaving same as yours.

I am a furriously currious person, so I am going to trace the diagrams in my
bentley and find out why.

In Goldie, my old 87, retired last year, it worked as you would expect, if
key left in ignition, or lights left on and door opened, beep. Otherwise, quiet.

Do you have heated seats? Are the plugs underneath plugged together?  The
beeper module has some circuitry in it related to the driver's seat seat
belt clip. I havent looked in to that either.
You can see if you have this feature by looking under the belt buckle
receiver, and if there is a black 2 wire cable going down the support
bracket, you may have the seat alarm too. It really doesnt do anything,
because, in the 89,  the alarm indicator is just a time-out timer in the
beeper module that turns off the belt indicator on the dash after a few
seconds, belt clip in or not.

I have found that over the A2 years, volks changes a lot of things in some
of the useless features, but left some of the related hardware in.

I think bentley has most of the differences, as the different years have
different diagrams after 87.

So pull your beeper and drive on. If I find out how to restore its function
to 87, I'll let you know.

For instance. In the 87, removing the key would turn off the radio, and
putting it in would turn it on again. this meant I could sit in the car with
the engine off, and still listen to the radio, just like in an american car.
Not so in the 89 so far, But I am going to deal with that too!

This 89 jetta is a plain vanilla TD, with no air, manual windows, and a
manual sunroof. Just the way I want it for the great white north.
Perhaps the wiring harness is plain vanilla too. A one trick pony.

It does one thing well, provides CHEAP TRANSPORTATION and runs on 50% veggie


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