[Vwdiesel] some progress

peter blake pila47 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 12 15:59:32 PDT 2010

  Hey all
As a long time lurker and occasional contributor I have some recent
good news to report.  I purchased Rogers headlight relay kit and 
installed it w very little effort.  It did in fact brighten my headlights
significantly.  The instructions were in Chinglish but when I laid out
the harness it was pretty obvious where everything went. 
The front end on my 80 pickup was sitting kind of low so I purchased some
used springs and had them installed.  While this was being done I found 
out that my semi-new boge strut inserts were toast and that I needed new
axles and tie rod ends.  So I bit the bullet and went for what is essentially
a new front end.  Well the springs raised it up a full inch and an eighth so
now I have some suspension travel, the ride difference is phenomenal. And
that was before I had it all aligned! Anyways I am excited again to try and
make this a better more reliable vehicle.  And does anyone have a part
number for the O ring that sits under the vacuum pump? Thanks for all the
help I've gotten over the years.


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