[Vwdiesel] Beeper

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Sun Jun 13 19:05:45 PDT 2010

Guess what? today it's noticing when the key is left in the car.

It does not beep when the lights are on and the door is open, but does beep
if the key is in the ignition

It does NOT beep when the lights are off, the key is out, and the door open.

So I had a dicky ignition switch that was latching it on under those

I tried poking the key in and out a lot of times, and every time, it would
start beeping (with the door open) as soon as the tip of the key entered
between the 2 metal "gates" that guard the entrance to the lock.

I poked a little more, and I could hear a switch-like sound from the lock as
i poked it in.

I suspect it was stuck "on" yesterday when I tried it.

I suggest a shot of WD40 or light oil in the lock, and then "exercise" it
with several key insertions might loosen it up so it performs as designed.

More later, I intend to take the shrouds off the switch assemblies and
examine where this "aux" switch is, I dont think it's part of the actual
ignition switch, but is above it, in the tumbler barrel assembly of the lock.

Another hint for these 20 year old cars.

The switches, turn signals, wipers, headlights, ignition/start, etc were all
factory lubed with some kind of pasty chicken fat that has hardened over the
years so it causes the switches to go intemittent prompting expensive,
unecessary replacement. 

Removing the protective shroud, (upper and lower shells) around the steering
wheel hub gives access to all of them.

I have found that WD40 works wonders cleaning them up, and softening the
congealed chicken fat.

You might want to finish up with a slight spray of a light oil, white molly,
white lithium,  or something like that, as WD40 tends to evaporate, leaving
the switch dry, and prone to wear.

More later, as I do more research.


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