[Vwdiesel] Turbo Install

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> What do I need to do for the 1.6l NA to turbo-ize it?

(assuming this is for a Rabbit, Jetta)
  Turbo, intake manifold from either a transverse or longitudnal engine,
the intake elbow from a transverse, turbo oil line, turbo oil return line,
transverse exhaust manifold, turbo oil pan.  You might want the TD 
air filter and associated hosing, including the little space saucer on 
top of the intake manifold.  Fuel filter needs moved to use the intake 
set up.  You'll need a TD downpipe and 2 1/2" exhaust or better yet, 
go full exhaust size up to the turbo.  The stock, cast downpipe is 
pretty small in the middle, about 1 1/2."
  After it's all in and running, you can turn the fueling up a little but 
you should have a pyrometer before you go very far turning it up. 
You likely won't have piston cooling "jets" but keep max EGT below 
1000F and you'll be fine.  Bigger exhaust = lower EGT's.   :-)

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