[Vwdiesel] engine rebuild question

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 15 18:32:58 PDT 2010

He is right about the ridge, that is something that is common on higher 
milage engines. Basically, the top ring stops about 1/4" below the top of 
the cylinder, and that is where the wear stops. So, there is a ridge that 
forms at the top, where there is essentially no wear.

Not too sure how he bent a valve, as they are straight in line with the 
pistons, and they are flat top pistons. I've had them destroy the cam 
followers (customer cars) in the past, but never have I seen a diesel with a 
bent valve. This includes the TDI engines.

I'd agree, have him do the rings with whatever size is in there now, after 
he hones the glaze off the cylinders.


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Subject: [Vwdiesel] engine rebuild question

> Hi,
> I took my 82 diesel Rabbit to a local VW mechanic to adjust the injection 
> pump timing as I just couldn't get it to run quite right. In the process 
> of attempting to adjust the timing some how they bent one of the valves. 
> He called and told me that it was really for the best as the engine's 
> compression was real poor and it needed new rings. He said he would fix 
> the head as it was his mistake and he would cut me a deal and change the 
> rings for about $300 to $400 dollars. I called him today as it's been a 
> couple of weeks and he told me that cylinder walls have ridges in them and 
> that the engine had been rebuilt before and that he doubted if he changed 
> the rings he couldn't guarantee the engine. So my question is, is he right 
> with the ridges in the cylinder walls is that true, or is it a  thing 
> where oversize rings, new pistons or something could work.
> Thanks
> Dave 

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