[Vwdiesel] Bent valves & cracked head

travis gottschalk tgott at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 16 05:16:28 PDT 2010

I asked the same question about the crack 3 yrs ago. Was told the same thing so I am still running it with the cracks without any problems.

If you took the truck in to get the fuel timing changed and he bent a valve that tells you something right there. All that needed to be done was loosen the bolts on the pump and twist either direction with the belt still on. That makes me think the guy is trying to get other repairs from you to pay for his mistake. Take the money for the head repair and get your vehicle back and have someone that knows something do it if you can't. Yes the ridge is normal but since you said it has been bored before it shouldn't be that bad unless you really have the miles on it since the last rebuild. Best way to find out if you NEED the rings would have been a compression test before he toasted some valves. After what he has already done I would worry what else may be messed up with him attempting a ring job without even giving you compression numbers. Just my opinion but my cars are like family and I would be a little mad if some one didn't follow procedure and then didn't tell me any numbers to back a claim up to rebuild something. 
Travis G
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