[Vwdiesel] Parts stash list Part ?, I have lost track.

dieseltdi at verizon.net dieseltdi at verizon.net
Sun Jun 20 17:49:02 PDT 2010

OK guys, here is a list of a bunch of stuff that I have just brought  
to my house from storage.  I have pictures of everything so let me  
know if you want one.  Make me a reasonable offer plus shipping and I  
can make it yours.  Most of these parts are used but there are several  
NEW parts so when you make and offer, be realistic.  I want to get rid  
of the stuff but I don't want to give it away either.  Thanks Hayden


2 - A2 Jetta diesel upper radiator hose, part number: 191121101AK
1 – NEW A2 Jetta diesel upper radiator hose, part number: 191121101AK  
– ($40 on Ebay)
7 – Assorted A/C lines for A1 Rabbit and Pickup and possibly Jetta
1 – NEW Radiator, 525 mm core, Fits 79-80 Rabbit Conv., 76-82, Rabbit  
Gas, 76-80 Scirocco, 80-? Jetta 1.6 Gas
2 – A2? Gauge surrounds – part numbers:  1768570613 and 191857243A
1 – A1 Rabbit and Pickup gauge surround, part number: 175857061
2 – Diesel accelerator cables
4 – Speedometer cables with screw on connectors, 3 with gears, one  
1 – NEW clutch cable, part number 434816276
11 – 1.6 diesel rods
1 – NEW Diesel Gasket set w/o head gasket, part number: 068198001
1 pair – new steering rack boots, part number:  175422831
1 set – NEW Cylinder head bolts all diesel 1.6-1.9 including TDI with  
12 mm socket head through 2003, part number:  068103384A
Remote control outside mirrors, sets for both A1 and A2, Rabbit and  
Jetta and Pickup
             1 - set white
             1 - set black with rounded outside edge
             1 - set black with square outside edge
             1 - left side with rounded outside edge
             1 - right side with square outside edge
Remote control outside mirrors for Quantum, 1 – set
Remote control outside mirror for Golf (?) left side
2 – Flag style outside mirrors for A1 left
1 – Inside rear view mirror, twist mount
1 – Inside rear view mirror, windshield mount
Shift knobs:
             2 - Walnut knobs, 5 speed type
             2 - Black vinyl knobs 4 or 5 speed type
	    2 – NEW black leather, 5 speed type, Part number 191711141B Fits  
all Rabbit, Jetta, Scirocco, Golf and Corrado, 75-92
1 pair – NEW Beck/Arnley front brake hoses for Rabbit, Pickup and  
Jetta, 76-86?, part number: BH96389
2 sets (2 sides) – NEW brake antirattle springs, part number: 191615270A
1 set – NEW brake caliper bushings, part number: 171698447A

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