[Vwdiesel] Head bolt and harness diagnostics.

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Hello Roger, I have not checked, is the installation of the block studs on your 4crawler site.


Also, I have just converted an 86 cabrio to diesel (na). the car had a wiring problem as a gasser which confused the owner such that he gave the car to me. I can of course run the car on several work around power leads. does your site address wiring harness diagnostics at all and a possible alternative glow circuit add on beyond a toggle only source.


 I believe the in tank pump will be enough of a lift pump to run and drive though without an assist pump the engine does not get enough fuel to run correctly. 


My mechanic believes it should run wo an assit pump and something could be misfunctioning in the IP though before we do anything to the IP, because the engine has sat unused for several years, we decided to drive it, running some Ip treatment through it, expecting  that the performance will change.


thanks, r
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> Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] Head bolt torque Values
> Erik Lane wrote:
> >> 11mm bolts get a three step torque. 37, 52, 66 but I usually go a
> >> little closer to 70 (ft/lbs). Warm it up then recheck at 66 (or your
> >> slightly higher number) then drive 600 miles and recheck again.
> >> 12mm (stretch) bolts get 30, 44 then 180 degrees, warm up an
> >> 90 degrees, 600 miles and 90 degrees more.
> >> Loren
> > 
> > 
> > And those extra 180, 90, and 90 degree turns *REALLY* feel wrong when
> > you're doing them! If you're used to the feel of the metal it's VERY
> > scary and feels like you're about to do some serious damage as the
> > metal is stretching. I've never yet had a problem when following the
> > procedures in the Bentley, but I cringe every time I have to do one of
> > those stretch bolts. They just feel wrong.
> > 
> > Erik
> That is why I like the head studs (Raceware or ARP). They torque down so nicely and just 
> 3 steps, 20, 35 and 50 ft.lbs. and then re-torque to 50 after running the engine to temp.
> -- 
> Roger
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