[Vwdiesel] New Head gasket and Head bolt Issues

Brian and Ruth Decker decker at toledotel.com
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Hi Loren;
	He said he was using non-stretch bolts but he did use the stretch
bolt torque tightening procedure. Perhaps the block just couldn't stand the
extra pressure. Usually the result of a hole that wasn't cleaned well enough
is a hairline crack that in its self ruins a block but I have never seen any
damage to compare with the picture he sent.  It's time for a replacement
short block.

	My Mechanic used to rebuild the 11mm diesel blocks using gas Rabbit
stretch bolts and says he had better luck holding head-gaskets with gas
Rabbit stretch bolts than with the non-stretch bolts. But he wasn't trying
to use a stretch to yield tightening technique on a non-stretch bolt.
Brian Decker

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> And to emphasize my sadness, heres a pictures

  Ouch!  That's the worst one I've seen!  Stuff in the hole or wrong 
or missing washer is about all that should do that. :-(
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