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As far as I've ever heard, all inline 4 VW engines are mounted with a 15 degree tilt, except for the diesel Vanagons which had a 50 degree tilt to clearance the engine cover.

Dave Cook

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> I'm not very good at searching
> archives so if this is a duplicate of an old post I
> apologise.I'm looking for information (some I can find) on
> my volkswagens engines. Ive found data about most of the
> questions ive been looking for but...
>  Do the B series cars use the engine at the same degree of
> tilt as an A series car? I know manifolds and the like have
> to be dealth withHow long front to back is the D24TIC
> engine? 
> Are there any recommended companies with engine swap
> adapters for VW. Many of them are interesting but
> particularly ones like watercooled on beetle transmission.
> Or do adapters come up on market forums regularly enough to
> be worth watching?Over the years ive acquired quite a few
> piles of bits and peices from several different vw's and
> other cars. 
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