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Glad you made the trip safe Hayden. That is one long trip in short order.
You must have truck driver blood in ya!

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Congrats Hayden!!  Good find...

I've made a few similar trips... All with good results.  And even better


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> Well, just returned from my wild dash to the NE to rescue an 82 Jetta
Diesel Coupe. It has certainly been a long 3 days with 18 hours of driving
the first day, 17 hours of driving the second day and 12 or so hours today.
My first day, I left at 4 am and drove from Grapevine, to Natural Bridge,
VA. Next day from there to White haven, PA, changed out the tires and wheels
on the car and headed back south with the car in tow. BTW I flat towed the
car using a tow bar mounted to the front bumper mounts. Worked great!!
Managed to make it to Crossville, Tenn before I stopped for the night.
Finally came on home today. Car is in decent shape. A few rust areas but
that is to be expected from a northeastern car. Luckily, one of my local
junkyards has an A1 Jetta that has been stripped except for the body panels,
which is what I am going to need some bits and pieces of. I will post some
pictures to my website in a few days when I get the initial cleanup done.
You know, I need
> to find and vacuum up all the mouse nests!!!!! Thanks to all of you who
decided to quietly question my sanity rather than do it publicly ;^) but for
a total cost of less than $1000 and 3 LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG days of driving,
I got a very rare version of the A1 Jetta that would have gone to the
crusher if it hadn't been rescued. BTW, I kept the cost down on the trip by
camping at night and I made up 25 gallons of biodiesel to take with me. My
04 Jetta got as high as 45 mpg at 70-75 mph on the way up but as low as 32
mpg (at nearly the same speeds) on the way back dragging the other car. What
is incredible to think about is that in 3 days I went into 7 different
states (Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and
Pennsylvania)! Hayden
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