[Vwdiesel] Mother ****ing V Belts!!

Dave Cook davevw at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 3 17:25:08 PDT 2011

If I ever get to meet the idiot who designed the belt system on early watercooled VWs, I am going to punch him in the throat.  What a piece of s***.

I was having all sorts of squealing so I headed down to the Carquest to get a couple belts.  When I went to put 'em on, I found that I had lost both the alternator pivot bolt, and a bolt at the bottom end of the A/C bracket.  

Well no wonder.

So I put it together and was still getting some squealing, though less.

Today I had my buddy come over and we managed to tighten the crankshaft/waterpump/AC belt by having him yank up on the alternator belt as I tightened bolts.

Unfortunately, now that the AC compressor is a little bit higher, the alternator belt is too long!  So I either have the alternator pushed to the upper limit and the belt rubs on the timing belt cover and squeals, or it is loose and squeals on the pulleys.  I'm tempted to cut the belt off and just keep recharging the battery...

Obviously the carquest computer thinks I need a belt a little too long.

So, can someone please tell me where the hell I can get some good belts, and the correct size/part number?

End Rant.

Dave Cook

PS, I also put a fitting on and some R134a in the A/C system.  It was cooling for awhile, but now the compressor blows a fuse as soon as it is plugged in.  I'm wondering if the wiring has been chafed a bit somewhere between the compressor and the bracket.  I guess I can dick with that when I get some belts in.

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