[Vwdiesel] Mother ****ing V Belts!!

Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 4 04:46:51 PDT 2011

Here is what my stock pile of belts are.
this is for most any 1.6td or na diesel I guess.
All Conti
PS - 11,9x650  there are 4 sets of #'s on the box, not sure what is part #, 
maybe "444 5977" or DY0139
AC - AVX13x947
Alt. - AVX10x643

I has a shop do some muffler work on the 92 Jetta this past winter and they 
replaced the alt. belt, they said the book size ordered would not fit and they 
sent it back and got a slightly larger Napa belt ??

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So, can  someone please tell me where the hell I can get some good belts, 
and the  correct size/part number?

I've personally found that using anything other than Conti belts is  asking 
for trouble.
Odds are one or both of your belts are a mm or two more narrow than called  
Makes the belt fit too low in the grooves and thus too  long.  Could be the 
belt too.  There's about three configurations for the A/C or the alt  belt 
remember which) length.  Seems like it's the alt, depending on  straight, 
A/C, with PS, or just PS and no A/C.  A couple of them are close to  the 
length or maybe the same but different width.  Easy to get the wrong  belts!
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