[Vwdiesel] .85mm or 1.15mm IDI injection pump timing?

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attempted to search the archives but i couldn't find anything  specific :(

i remember there were 2 common settings for setting the  timing in the 
Bosch VE
injection pump which was fitted in the IDI diesel  VWs. the stroke settings 
i remeber having timed were .85mm and  1.15mm. 
when you have an engine out of a different car or you are  changing the IP 
how do you find out which timing stroke is the appropriate one  to use?
is there a chart or a range of part numbers?
also which timing  did the Turbo IPs with the altitude compensating 
addition use?

tank you  for clarification!

If the VW part number on the pump ends in "107-A" then it's a  "Yellow Dot" 
and times at 1.15mm.  Others time at .85, .95 and 1.00mm.  Post  those last 
of your part number and we'll dig up your correct timing.  The first  part 
of the number 
is 086-130-_ _ _ - _ I think.

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