[Vwdiesel] Auto Trans fluid change problem

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Sun Jul 10 12:16:07 PDT 2011

4 litres is probably the fill capacity for a dry gearbox.  Yours was 
anything but, so all you drained was what was in the sump.  Rather 
than just putting oil in, you should fill by reference to the dipstick 
(do they still have one????).  After that, start the car, run it 
through gear selection and back to neutral and check the level with the 
car not cold, idling in neutral. 
  At least back in the "good old days" that was the procedure. 
  Oh: check what your Bentley has to say (not near mine or I would 
check for you). 

On Sun, 10 Jul 2011 12:08:49 -0700, Tad wrote:
I have no experience with VW autos, but did you shift through the gears?
> isn't that required to get fluid into all of the various passages?
> Also from what I've read, a VagCom is required to do the fluid fill
> "properly"... whatever that means. 
> On Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 11:51 AM, Dave Cook <davevw at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I'm having a bit of an odd situation I think. This is an '01 Jetta with
> > the 4-speed auto transmission. 
> >
> > I drained the transmission, changed the filter and cleaned up the pan. 
> >
> > I put things back together and set about checking the level just now. I
> > had put 4 liters in, so I fully expected that almost no fluid would 
> come out
> > of the check-hole and I would have to put in about a half a liter. 
> >
> > When I removed the plug, a pretty good amount of fluid came out! And kept
> > coming out. So I put the plug back in and shut the car down. 
> >
> > The little tube is in there in the pan but I think something may be wrong
> > (though I couldn't see anything when the pan was off yesterday). When I
> > pulled the plug yesterday, it seemed like quite a lot of fluid came out-I
> > was surprised. But then decided that it could have just been that the
> > engine wasn't running so no fluid was being pumped up inside. 
> >
> > But the amount of fluid coming out now is disconcerting given that I've
> > only put 4 liters in so far. 
> >
> > Thoughs?
> > Dave Cook
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