[Vwdiesel] Holy Cow! It works!!

Dave Cook davevw at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 12 19:01:42 PDT 2011

At least, it did a little bit ago.  (Keeping my fingers crossed...)

The Banana Rabbit has air conditioning!

Back when I was bitching about the belts, I was also trying to get the A/C to work.  I did not want to spend lots of money trying, but I was willing to blow 35 bucks on one of those r134a retrofit kits to see what happened.

Well, when I hard wired the compressor to the battery to get it to suck in the refrigerant, it blew cold.  So I was optimistic.  But when I hooked it up to the car's wiring, the fuse blew, pretty quickly.

But, there were no sparks or any craziness when I had it hard wired.  So I ran a wire between the compressor and battery with a fuse clamped in between.  It worked again, and that fuse didn't blow.

So I have used the wiring from the switch to trigger a relay that turns on the compressor.  Took it for a test drive, and it seemed to work just as it should-turned on when it should and turned off when it should, and blew cold air.

I don't know why the compressor is blowing the car's fuse, but it seemed to hold OK with a 5 amp fuse before the relay so I guess I am not going to worry too much.

Now, if the belt dressing will kill the occasional squeal that is still present I will be a happy camper indeed!

Dave Cook

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