[Vwdiesel] differentiate between turbo block and NA

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I'll second Mark's reply.  Diesel's don't lower compression  when they 
turbocharge. Gassers only do it to prevent detonation or  preignition (diesels 
always detonate, just when wanted to though.)   Using the thickest gasket 
will "work" but doesn't maintain the proper CR.   You measure piston 
projection, check the chart and use the correct gasket, turbo  or not and there's only 
one chart, turbo or not (except for 1.5, vs 1.6, vs  hydraulic.
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Main  reason for sticking a 3 hole gasket on is laziness and limited 'on 
shelf'  stock, safe bet etc. If there were a benefit [there is no differrence 
between  na and turbo compression ratios after 1980ishwhen engines went from 
23.5:1 to  23:1] only a normally one hole would gain, with 2 holer half 
this gain.
If  you have 11mm bolts then you have an early mech head, and bolts may rip 
out of  block as they are too short IIRC. 
Cure by installing  studs

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Ty Mark. a thicker headgasket is frequently employed on a  NA engine to 
lower compression to make compatible with the extra boost brought  on by the 
turbo. i was told VW had done that  too..

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