[Vwdiesel] 1980's golfs forsale and some other parts in MN

Travis Gottschalk tgott at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 20 17:44:49 PDT 2011

3 1985 Golf diesels and 1 1986 golf diesel. $950 All have 5 spd trannys. One may have 5th gear going out according to previous owner. One has the injection pump and head off and may be in the truck (haven't opened up that trunk). One is in really good shape with just some surface rust (very little) and would possibly run and has a title. The other one is a little worse with rust but not much-doesn't have a title. The other two are strictly parts cars due to rust, engines, and lack of titles. You could make two good cars out of these. The two good cars have great interiors as well. The tires hold air so they could be put behind a tow dolly (on the two good cars). 

Also have a 1.5 complete diesel engine. Previous owner said it ran like crap. Don't know much about them but we didn't have the heart to scrap a rare engine if someone needed it but now we do have the heart with higher scrap prices.

Also have a fuel injected rabbit engine from 1983, was in a roll over that we pulled it out of the truck as parts but we don't need it. Someone could use it if they needed a core or bad engine currently and had the other parts to bolt onto it

Two of the golfs (the bad ones) are getting parted out and going by by if not enough interest this weekend. We both had ambitions to get one going out of the 4 and once it rusted put the guts to the next good car and use the rest as parts. But they are becoming rabbit holes under them and since we both had a kid there is less money, time and space. So if someone could use them please take the above things. 

No picture yet, brother hasn't figured that out but is trying. By the time I have pictures two Golfs will be gone. 
Travis G

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