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Brian and Ruth Decker decker at toledotel.com
Mon Jul 25 20:36:27 PDT 2011

Hi Doyt;
	I somehow have to doubt the reasoning people have on buying new cars
at high prices. They can't work on them and the mileage isn't very good on
most of them.. 	I have a 1981 N/A diesel Dasher 4 door. A year ago May I
took a trip east from Washington State with my wife. Among other things we
visited our daughter in Aberdeen Maryland. We were gone less than a month
and we traveled 8800 miles. The total gallons of fuel purchased was 177 for
an average MPG of 49.5. How many people in their new fangled high priced
cars can come close to that??

Currently running 
1981 Dasher 4 dr 1.6 N/A diesel with VW Fox tall 4 spd
1981 Dasher Station Wagon 1.6 N/A, Quantum 9Q 5 spd
1981 Rabbit pickup 1.8 gas 5 speed and about 120 horses
The wife's rig is a 1983 VW Rabbit GTI

On the road soon
1981 Rabbit pickup 1.6 N/A diesel with fresh rebuild
1990 VW Fox 2 dr Wagon with a 1.6 Turbo diesel
and intercooler. Plus a Quantum 9Q 5 spd tranny
Brian Decker
Western Washington

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marvel at how well this little jewel from the 80's runs otherwise. Messing 
about in these little diesel engine cars certainly is enjoyable. I am 
seriously considering making this my main ride, when all the sorting is 
accomplished. 40 miles to the gallon is becoming the new target for 2012 
contenders, and it only costs about 15 or 20 thousand to get behind one of 
those wheels.  That would pay for ten cars like mine, if you could find 
them. Keep dieseling, and thanks for the replies.


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