[Vwdiesel] parts! Loss of power win NA motor

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Tue Jul 26 22:01:51 PDT 2011

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rgreeley2 at hotmail.com writes:

After 10  plus starts of 20 min. or more it would start and go to a smooth 
idle, no  smoke though it now has a loss of power, no guts over a small hill 
and is  beginning to struggle at idle, seeing not able to rev normally. I 
feel like it  is wanting fuel and so i am going to go through the fuel 
delivery system,  filters, fuel solenoid and i 
noticed a wet section of fuel line under the  car . I will also re-check 
the valve timing though that is just to Produce a  base line of correctness. 

  Good idea to recheck timing etc.  Sounds like your wet fuel  line is your 
likely culprit.  Usually when they're wet, they'll let in more  air than 
they let out fuel so you're probably trying to burn bubbles.   ;-)
  I just fixed a leak down problem with the pickup.  Let it sit  overnight 
and I had to crank for 20+ seconds to start it.  I'd been  thinking it was 
time to replace the large return line from the pump to hard  line, under the 
hood.  Sure enough, it wasn't really wet anywhere but I  replaced it and it 
starts great again (with the help of two more good glow plugs  too).

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