[Vwdiesel] 89 Jetta na charging system

Dave Cook davevw at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 27 05:32:08 PDT 2011

Travis' description sounds a bit like the Banana Rabbit.

Occasionally the alternator light blinks slightly-never fully on and only visible when driving at night.  It is enough to cause a pulsating static on AM radio as well.  

But the battery continues to get charged.  

I'm guessing a broken/loose connection in one of the two wires that goes from the alternator to the battery.

Dave Cook

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> Good point.
> > 
> > 
> > One other area to concern yourself that I had an issue
> with was the actuall wiring could be bad inside the wire
> coating. I had a bad spote about 3-4 inches from the plug on
> the alternator (alternator was new-bat cables new). There is
> 3 wires for the alternator. One excites the alternator and
> gets it started so it flows with juice and is tied to the
> battery light on the dash depending on the current out of
> the alternator on the charging wires the little wire may
> have some flow in. If there is flow in the light comes on in
> the dash. One of the two charging wires were broken inside
> and not doing a full charge. A Volt gauge had confirmed
> this. I still did a WY to Maine to WY trip in a weeks time
> without an issue. If you are worried it would be better of
> you to carry a wrench to take your fuel stop solinode out
> (take the plunger out and install again) so you can drive
> without elect. 
>> > My only issue with driving the older cars is that the
> rust overtime kills them. That is why the rabbits are my
> main summer car now that I live in WI instead of WY. I just
> need to find a really cheap winter vehicle now before winter
> that runs. 
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